Crossing Cultures in ScriptureMarvin Newell has just brought out an interesting looking Bible and Mission, Crossing Cultures in Scripture: Biblical Principals for Mission Practice (IVP, 2016). Here is a link to a video on the publisher’s we site: Marvin J. Newell, Author of ‘Crossing Cultures in Scripture’

Here is the blurb and contents:

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is a crosscultural book. Scripture is full of narratives of God’s people crossing cultures in pursuit of God’s mission. Biblical texts shed light on mission dynamics: Sarah and Hagar functioning in an honor-shame culture, Moses as a multicultural leader, Ruth as a crosscultural conversion, David and Uriah illustrating power distance, the queen of Sheba as an international truth-seeker, Daniel as a transnational student, Paul in Athens as a model of contextualization, and much more.

Missionary and missions professor Marvin Newell provides a biblical theology of culture and mission, mining the depths of Scripture to tease out missiological insights and crosscultural perspectives. Unlike other such books that are organized topically, this text is organized canonically, revealing how the whole of Scripture speaks to contemporary mission realities.

Comprehensive in scope, filled with biblical insight and missional expertise, this book is an essential resource for students and practitioners of crosscultural ministry and mission.


Part I: Foundational Cultural Considerations

  1. Introduction to Culture
  2. Eden: The Beginning of Human Culture
  3. The Tower of Babel: Beginning of Cultural Diversity
  4. Abraham: The Father of Blessing for All Cultures

Part II: Crossing Cultures in the Old Testament

  1. Sarah and Hagar: Honor and Shame
  2. Abraham and The Hittites: Needing a Favor in a Foreign Land
  3. The Marriage of Jacob: Consequence of Crosscultural Ignorance
  4. Joseph: A Victim of Crosscultural Human Trafficking
  5. Moses: A Multicultural leader
  6. The Israelite Community: Tribes, Clans and Families
  7. Rahab: The Informed Pagan Prostitute
  8. Ruth: A Crosscultural Conversion
  9. David and Uriah: The Interplay of Power-Distance
  10. Solomon and Queen of Sheba: Crosscultural Truth Seeker
  11. Naaman: Dilemma of Conflicting Religious Obligation
  12. Jonah: Ethnocentrism to a Fault
  13. Jeremiah: Instructions for Living in a Foreign Land
  14. Daniel: Staying True to God As a Transnational Student
  15. Esther: Saving Her People from Genocide
  16. Nehemiah: Leading a “Despised” Cultural Minority

Part III: Crossing Cultures in the New Testament

  1. Jesus: His Crosscultural Encounters
  2. Jesus and the Samaritan Woman: Contrasting Worldviews
  3. The Lord’s Prayer for Missionaries
  4. Jesus’ Seven Marks of Crosscultural Success
  5. Pontius Pilate: The Clueless Crosscultural Interrogator
  6. Acts 1:8: The Crosscultural Mission of the Church
  7. The Jerusalem Church: Crosscultural Conflict Management
  8. Philip: Reaching the “The Second-Class”
  9. Peter’s Encounter with Cornelius: Crossing the Great Divide
  10. Paul in Athens: Contextualizing the Message
  11. Crosscultural Advance: Luke’s One Last Word
  12. The Self-Contextualizing of the Messenger
  13. 1 Corinthians 13: A Guide to Crosscultural Awareness
  14. The Incarnational Missionary
  15. Crosscultural Pilgrimage: Sojourning Like Abraham
  16. Eternity: Doxological Diversity


Want to take this further? Come and study more about the Bible and Mission with me on Redcliffe’s MA in Contemporary Missiology, including the modules ‘Reading the Bible Missionally’ and ‘Scripture Engagement: Approaches and Issues’.

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