The Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission hosts a public Annual Lecture in Bible and Mission at Redcliffe College. Previous lectures have included:

2012 – The Acts of the Apostles as the Mission of God – Prof Steve Walton, Professor of New Testament at London School of Theology

Steve WaltonAction plans for mission are widely used today: but are they right? Who really drives mission? In the Acts of the Apostles, the church is frequently slow to recognise and get on board with what God is doing. Mission among the Gentiles happens slowly and is a result of God’s initiative, not the church’s plans – and this reflects the wider point that it is God who drives the story of Acts forward, not the believing community. This challenges some modern emphases on the role of the church in mission.In this lecture, Steve Walton explored the work of God in Acts, and reflected on this key feature of Acts in the light of the emphasis on missio Dei (the ‘mission of God’) in contemporary missiological thinking.
The lecture, along with responses will be available in the December 2013 issue of Encounters Mission Journal.

Reading the Bible with the Global Church

2011 – Reading the Bible with the Global Church: Opening our eyes to see how God speaks worldwide – Eddie Arthur (Wycliffe Bible Translators)

We all come to the Bible with our own perspectives, insights and blind spots, which is why reading it with others is vital. But often the groups we are part of come from similar cultural backgrounds. Are there things we could be missing?

The lecture with responses is available through the March 2013 issue of Encounters Mission Journal

Prof Gordon Wenham

2010 – The Nations in the Psalms – Prof Gordon Wenham

This event also incorporated the public launch of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission.

See this post for more details on the
2010 lecture in Bible and Mission and public launch

Similar to the 2009 lecture by Chris Wright, the event formed the basis of a Bible and Mission issue of Encounters Mission journal.

2009 – The Bible and Mission – Rev Dr Chris Wright


On 12 May 2009 Revd Dr Chris Wright delivered the Redcliffe Lecture in World Christianity on the theme of The Bible and Mission. It was put on in partnership with Bible Society, Wycliffe UK, Keswick Ministries, Global Connections, and Slipstream and formed the basis for the June 2009 Encounters Mission Ezine.

Here are the details of the issue:

As well as the transcript of the lecture and a link to a downloadable audio file, it features eight response articles from a wide range of people with a lot of interesting things to say.

Here is part of my editorial:

This issue of Encounters revolves around Dr Wright’s excellent lecture and explores the idea of a missional reading of the Bible, in theory and practice. As well as the lecture and question and answer session transcribed in full, the edition also includes a number of responses from a variety of contexts. It has been a truly global venture with contributions from Malaysia, India, Colombia, Asia, the US and the UK.

John Risbridger and Krish Kandiah consider missional hermeneutics in the setting of the UK Church. David Spriggs writes on the relationship between the Bible and missional engagement in the ‘public square’. Eddie Arthur reflects on what a ‘missional hermeneutic has to say to those who translate and desseminate the Scriptures’. Brian Russell and Milton Acosta discuss missional hermeneutics as a method of reading the Bible. Finally, Anthony Loke and Rabbi and Chitra Jayakaran share what a missional hermeneutic might mean for their own contexts of Malaysia and India, respectively.

And these are the articles:

Lecture:  “Prophet to the Nations”: Missional Reflections on the Book of Jeremiah.
(Revd Dr Chris Wright)

Q and A:  Lecture question and answer session.

Response 1:  A UK pastor’s perspective.
(John Risbridger)

Response 2:  A missional hermeneutic and Scripture engagement.
(Eddie Arthur)

Response 3:  Jeremiah and mission in the public square.
(Revd Dr David Spriggs)

Response 4:  What does mission in exile really look like?
(Dr Krish Kandiah)

Response 5:  Breaking open the text.
(Dr Brian Russell)

Response 6:  Missional hermeneutics: some opportunities and questions.
(Dr Milton Acosta)

Response 7:  Missional hermeneutics in a Malaysian context.
(Revd Anthony Loke)

Response 8:  Missional hermeneutics in an Indian context.
(Rabbi and Chitra Jayakaran)

To read the articles or listen to the lecture, follow this link:

Go to The Bible and Mission – Issue 29 of Encounters Mission Journal

3 thoughts on “Public lecture

  1. i have a question, please help.
    how does bible reading influence God’s mission, or does it influence the mission at all?

    1. These are big (and important) questions! Reading the Bible can show us what God’s mission looks like, both in telling us the ‘big story’ of God’s mission and also what it should look like in the day-to-day details. It certainly should influence how we go about mission.
      What do others think?

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