There is a wealth of resources available to the student, teacher, researcher and practitioner of Bible and Mission.

In this top level resource page we highlight a number of key websites including blogs, e-journals and network/organisation websites. The criteria for inclusion is that they engage in some way with mission in the Bible and/or the Bible in mission. Leave a comment if there’s anything missing. It’s worth saying that the material linked to from this site does not necessarily reflect the views of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission, or of Redcliffe College.

The four sub-pages list other resources under four categories.

Bible and Mission Church Resources In this section you will find links to resources for local churches that help people to engage with the Bible and mission.

Bible and Mission books and articles is a bibliographical listing for those wanting to read more about the missional nature of the Bible, mission in the Bible, and the Bible in mission. In particular, we have tried to provide as full as possible a listing of material on missional hermeneutics, though there is plenty on other aspects of Bible and Mission as well.

Bible and Mission media is a portal to sermons, lectures and other multimedia presentations on mission in the Bible and the Bible in mission. Some were created by ourselves but many will just be things we’ve found on the web that we think might be interesting or useful to you.

Bible and Orality reflects our commitment to encouraging awareness of, and scholarly and practical engagement with this crucial aspect of contemporary missional engagement with the Bible. It includes websites, journals, books and other media relating to the communication of the Bible in oral contexts.

General Bible and Mission blogs

Realmeal ministries
 – Brian Russell; nb. missional hermeneutics page and tags here and here
Kouya Chronicle – Eddie Arthur
Cross Talk – Michael Gorman; nb. missional hermeneutic tag
Everytongue – Mark Woodward; nb. missional hermeneutics tag
Billington’s blog – Antony Billington; nb. missional hermeneutics tag
Bible Translator blogs
Mark and Laura Woodward – Mark and Laura Woodward, working with SIL International, serving the local church in literacy and Bible translation in Katavi Region of western Tanzania.
Eddie Arthur –  Exploring Bible translation, Christian mission and what it means to be a believer in a post-everything world
Catherine Rivard – Catherine Rivard is a linguist/translator with Wycliffe Bible Translators serving the Bibleless peoples of Papua New Guinea.
Eszter and Andreas Ernst – Andreas & Eszter Ernst (Redcliffe alumni), members of Wycliffe Bible Translators, working with SIL in Cameroon ( in the domain of language development, Scripture Use and media.

Other blogs to keep an eye on:
Bible Studies and Mission   BibleExposition   Krishk   Narrative and Ontology   Old Testament and Ecology   Old Testament Passion

Online journals (either wholly free access or free access to archives)

Encounters Mission Journal is Redcliffe’s free, online, topical mission journal, published four times a year. To date, Tim has edited three issues specifically on Bible and Mission themes:

The Psalms and Mission. Issue 33 – June 10
Prof Gordon Wenham’s Redcliffe lecture on ‘The Nations in the Psalms’ with various related articles.

The Bible and Mission. Issue 29 – June 09
Chris Wright’s Redcliffe lecture on ‘The Bible and Mission’ and responses from around the globe.

Mission and the Old Testament. Issue 17 – April 07
What is the relationship between ancient Hebrew texts and the mission of the church in the 21st century?

Bulletin of Biblical Research
The Crucible
Direction journal
International Journal of Frontiers Missions
International Bulletin of Missionary Research
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Tyndale Bulletin
Teología y cultura

3 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Hi, Tim,

    I think you and others interested in a missional hermeneutic might be interested in this conference at Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids. It is on ‘A Missional Reading of Scripture’ with Chris Wright, NT Wright, Darrell Guder, and me as keynote speakers. There are about nine different workshops as well given by various scholars (George Hunsberger, John Franke, Scot Sherman and others) and pastors on a missional hermeneutic. You can find out more information here:

    I don’t have your email, Tim, or I’d send a poster.

    Mike Goheen

    1. Hi Mike, great to hear from you. My email is tdavy[at] so do send me a poster. I blogged on the conference today. Looks excellent!

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