Encounters issue 28Issue 28 of Encounters, Redcliffe College’s missions E-journal, is now out. The theme is Mission and the Environment in a Finite World and contains papers from the 2009 Environment Day held at Redcliffe in January in partnership with the John Ray Initiative.

Of particular note for Bible and Mission enthusiasts are two articles by Dewi Hughes, Theological Advisor for Tearfund, who writes on True Wealth from the perspectives of the Old and New Testaments: True Wealth (Part One: Old Testament) – God’s blueprint for justice-based living and True Wealth (Part Two: New Testament) – Jesus’ radical Kingdom-ethics message.

I also contribute a book review of Ruth Valerio’s revised edition of her ‘L’ is for Lifestyle.

Please read, enjoy, reflect, and respond: Go to Issue 28 of Encounters

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