Through Eddie Arthur’s excellent kouya chronicles blog I came across another exciting resource for Bible and Mission. Brian Russell’s realmealministries blog has a wealth of material on reading the Bible missionally.

Here’s Brian’s bio from the blog:

Brian Russell is a thinker, teacher, and writer.

He serves a Professor of Biblical Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary on the Orlando campus.

He is an expert on biblical interpretation focusing his research issues broadly on developing a missional hermeneutic and specifically on the books of Exodus and Psalms.

At heart, Brian is a passionate practitioner committed to unleashing men and women to live as the people whom God created them to be. Mission is the reason for the existence of God’s people. Brian and his family seek to serve as voices of hope in and for the world.

There really is a broad range of interesting looking stuff on there, so check it out. The other day our Jesus, the Kingdom of God, and Christian Mission class spent a double lecture discussing the first two chapters of Chris Wright’s The Mission of God. I’ll be recommending Brian’s site to them next week.

PS. I’ll do a post on Eddie’s blog soon…

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