Marcus Honeysett of Living Leadership has a post on his blog on Joy in Missions.

Reflecting on the Psalms, he says that

The purpose of proclamation is to draw a worshipping people. And it is done by worshipping people. We don’t merely proclaim him among the nations, we praise him among the nations. We extol him and publicly exult in him. We find words and phrases that express our admiration, our adoration, our wonder and amazement. Like people stop open-mouthed in front of the Grand Canyon, when they finally find some words it is usually to turn to a friend and say “wow – just look at it!” That’s what we are doing for sake of the nations of the world.

This is a very helpful angle to consider. I’ve been thinking a lot about mission and the Psalms recently: we had the Psalms community day last term and I’m putting together our multilingual Psalms scroll (more on this when it’s done!); I’m preaching three times on the Psalms over the next few weeks; we have Gordon Wenham giving the annual lecture in Bible and Mission on the nations in the Psalms on 12 May; there is a student at Redcliffe doing a very interesting dissertation on a missional aspect of the Psalms; and the June 2010 issue of Encounters will be on mission and the Psalms.

I love the Psalms!

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