How many people out there are blogging on the Bible and mission? According to WordPress, they provide space for 290,188 bloggers and just today there has been the following activity on

258,217 new posts
60,395,829 words

A while ago I wrote about two of my favourite Bible and mission blogs, Brian Russell’s realmealministries and Eddie Arthur’s kouya chronicle. But how many others are there writing consistently on the dynamic interplay between the Bible and mission?

A further question: how might we define a blog as being ‘about Bible and mission’? Does it have to be exclusively looking at Bible and mission or should it just make regular contributions on the subject?

So what do you think? Drop me a line with any suggestions for Bible and mission blogs. Let’s broaden the conversation…

One thought on “Calling all Bible and mission bloggers!

  1. Hi Tim

    great question. I think you can’t exclusively deal with just Bible and missions. The reason is what connects the two: the life with God of people who are being transformed by God’s word and thereby energised by the Holy Spirit in missions.

    The Bible is foundational for discipleship, missions is the product of Spirit-filled discipleship. To not engage with discipleship on a Bible and Missions blog removes the key linchpin

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