I recently discovered a new online journal with a number of helpful issues. Direction is ‘a Mennonite Brethren forum’; here’s how it describes its development:

Direction journal was begun in 1972 as a partnership among four Mennonite Brethren educational institutions in Canada and the U.S. Eventually two additional schools joined the group, and the U.S. and Canadian Mennonite Brethren Conferences also provide support. Delbert Wiens, editor, offered the first issue of Direction to laypersons and church leaders with an invitation “to listen to each other and to think prayerfully together.” Challenges cited by Wiens for the journal to address included theological issues, the church in theory and practice, sociological problems, and discipleship matters. Neither a purely academic journal nor a denominational magazine, Direction highlights the interdependence of Christian reflection and mission.

In 1972, Direction replaced two publications: The Voice (Canadian, since 1952) and the Journal of Church and Society (U.S., since 1965). It began as a quarterly publication but changed to semiannual in 1985. Five editors, apart from guest editors, have served during the journal’s life: Delbert Wiens (1972-75), Allen Guenther (1981-89), Elmer Martens (1976-81; 1989-95), Douglas Miller (1997-2007), and Victor Froese (2007 to the present). Kindred Productions began producing the journal with the 1996 issues. An overview of themes addressed by the journal may be obtained on the Back Issues page of this site.

The idea of a Direction Web site began in the late 1990s and was developed in the winter of 2000-2001. With the journal on the Web as well as in print, its articles now become much more accessible to interested readers.

After a quick look a few articles strike me as particularly interesting, but I’m sure there are more:

Genesis 1 as Critique of Japanese Culture by Hironori Minamino

Ezekiel’s Contribution to a Biblical Theology of Mission by Elmer A. Martens

Impulses to Global Mission in Isaiah by Elmer A. Martens

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