The July edition of Transformation includes two articles on a Bible and mission theme.

Jesus and the Spirits: What Can We Learn from the New Testament World? by Craig A. Evans

The present study explores in what ways the name of Jesus was invoked by Pagans, Jews, and Christians. It is shown that in contrast to famous worthies of the past, such as Solomon and the patriarchs, whose reputations grew over the centuries, the name of Jesus was invoked during his public ministry and continued for centuries following the Easter proclamation. Besides important texts, the artifactual evidence is also examined.

Transformation, Proclamation and Mission in the New Testament: Examining the Case of 1 Peter by Stephen Ayodeji A. Fagbemi

How is the NT concept of mission to be understood in relation to proclamation and transformation? Or in what ways do transformation, proclamation and mission interact in the New Testament? Although 1 Peter does not speak overtly of mission, the interaction between proclamation and transformation would give an indication of the presence of mission. Looking specifically at the First Letter of Peter, this paper seeks to examine how the interaction of these three subjects might inform another way not only of understanding mission but also of doing it. Within its own context, 1 Peter offers a particularly vital and insightful dimension on this subject.

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