The July 2010 issue of the Evangelical Review of Theology (Vol 34, No 3) contains a number of articles relating to the Bible and mission.

It is given over to papers and case studies to come out of the third consultation of the Lausanne Theology Working Group, chaired by Chris Wright. Here’s the contents of the issue:

Editoral – Christopher J.H. Wright

The Whole World: Statement of the Lausanne Theology Working Group, Beirut 2010 – Christopher J.H. Wright

The World in the Bible – Christopher J.H. Wright

Towards a Missiology of Caring for Creation – Peter Harris

The Global Public Square – Vinoth Ramachandra

Can Christians Belong to More than One Religious Tradition?

Case Studies:

Peacemaking amidst urban violence in Brazil – C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell (Brazil)

The gospel amidst ethnic violence in Berundi – Emmanuel Ndikumana (Berundi)

The world threat of nuclear weapons, and the church’s role – Tyler Wigg-Stevenson (USA)

eVangelism: The gospel and the world of the internet – Rob Haskell (USA)

The separation of beliefs and religion in Europe – Birger Nygaard (Denmark)

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