In my previous post on the GOCN forum on missional hermeneutics at SBL, I included the forum’s self description, which included their framework for a missional reading of Scripture.

I think the framework deserves a post in its own right. The discipline of missional hermeneutics is still in its infancy and many ‘missional’ questions could be asked of any text. So it is helpful that the group is providing a way forward on this by delineating several helpful (though not exhaustive) questions. I paraphrase the questions below (students take note!).

To really get where these questions are coming from it would be useful to read the background to the forum’s work which can be most usefully found in George Hunsberger’s 2009 paper, ’Proposals for a Missional Hermeneutic: Mapping a Conversation‘,Gospel and Our Culture Newsletter eSeries, 2 (January 2009). [Subsequently published as G. ‘Proposals for a Missional Hermeneutic: Mapping a Conversation’, Missiology, 39:3 (July 2011), 309-321.]

Anyway, here is there framework, which I have put in the form of questions. What do you think about them? What would you change or add?

(1) how does the biblical text renders the identity of the missio Dei, the God who is engaged in mission to the whole creation?;

(2) how has the biblical text been shaped for the purpose of forming a people of God who are called to participate in God’s mission to the creation?

(3) how does the biblical text evoke and challenge a missionally located community’s interpretive readings and questions?;

(4) how does biblical text relate the received tradition to a particular context in light of the good news of the reign of God in Jesus Christ?;

(5) how does the biblical text discloses its fullest meaning only when read together with the culturally and socially ‘other’?

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