Thanks to Scripture Engagement for highlighting this story. The Jesus Film Project are working on how they can make the film available in ways that will engage users of mobile and digital technology.

As revolutionary as Bill Bright’s original vision was to reach the world through the university campus, so the new Digital Media app* could have just as much potential to transform the world. Tens of millions of people in closed nations will be able to see and hear the gospel on their smartphones or video tablets in their heart language─no matter where they live or how dangerous it may be for Christians there. And people can link anyone to the app through Facebook, a blog or a Tweet with Twitter.

The Jesus Film is not without its challenges (see some of the articles discussing the issue of the ‘visual predicament of the film in our Bible and Orality resources section) but, particularly in certain contexts, it is still a wonderful tool for the Gospel. It is great to see it being used in increasingly innovative ways.

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