The World Evangelical Alliance have made available Thomas Shcirrmacher’s collection of essays, World Mission: Heart of Christianity, which touches on a number of important Bible and Mission themes, as illustrated by the blurb: ‘One of the leading evangelical professors of mission and mission activist in Germany shows in a fascinating way, how the essence of God, of the Bible and of Christian faith is centered in World Mission.’

You can download the book as a pdf file here: World Mission: Heart of Christianity

Here is the contents

Romans as a Charter of World Mission: A Lesson in the Relation of Systematic Theology and Missiology (1993)

Paul: Theologian and missionary; The forgotten frame of Romans; Dogmatics and world Mission; World mission the fulfillment of the Old Testament; Reaching the unreached

‘Missio Dei’ – God, the First Missionary (1994)

Biblical Texts on Mission – Seven Lessons

Missions in the Old Testament Prophets; Missions in the Book of Jonah; Missions in Book of Joel; Missions in the Book of Daniel; Daniel as missionary to the Heathen; God’s worldwide kingdom is coming; Old Testament Arguments for New Testament Missions; Missions in the Gospel of John; Missions in the Gospel of Matthew

Biblical Reasons for Evangelical Missions: 31 Propositions

Part I: World Missions are an essential part of Christianity; Part II. Missions and Cultural Diversity; Part III. Conversion and Social Change

An Evangelical View of Missions – A Summary (1995)

Jesus as Master Educator

1. Teaching and Life; 2. The Training of the Twelve Apostles; 3. Paul and his COLLEAGUES; 4. Having a role model, being a role model

Social Responsibility in the New Testament Church according to Acts 6

The Trinity in the Old Testament and Dialogue with Jews and Muslims (1991)

1. The problem; 2. The Trinity in the Old Testament; 3. Ethics and trinitarian monotheism versus monistic monotheism

Postmillennialism and Missions

Great Missiologists

Gisbertus Voetius; Aurelius Augustinus; Theodor Christlieb; Missions in Martin Luthers Thinking; Martin Bucer – The German Who Gave England its Liturgy

Great Commission

The Great Commission as climax of the four Gospels; The Great Commission and the OT; The content; History; Bibliography

The Gospels as Evidence of the Necessity for Cultural Adaptation in the Missionary Proclamation (Together with Frank Koppelin)

Missions in light of cultural diversity; A Comparison with the Koran; The Recipients of the Four Gospels; The Gospel of Matthew


Thanks to LICC’s ever-informative Antony Billington who highlighted this.

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