Taylor University in the US has established an initiative to promote Scripture Engagement. You can view the website here: Center for Scripture Engagement

The home page gives a rationale for the existence of the center, focusing on three factors:

1) Because Scripture Engagement Is The Cutting Edge of Evangelism

2) Because Engaging With Scripture Is The Catalyst For Transformational Discipleship

3) Because A New Vision Of The Power of Scripture Is Urgently Needed


It is worth noting that the language of Scripture Engagement can be used in both broad and specific ways, so it is always helpful to know exactly what a particular author or organisation means by the term (or its related terms, Scripture Use, Bible Engagement, etc).

Taylor’s Center for Scripture Engagement understands SE as follows:

Scripture engagement is interaction with the biblical text in a way that provides sufficient opportunity for the text to speak for itself by the power of the Holy Spirit, enabling readers and listeners to hear the voice of God and discover for themselves the unique claim Jesus Christ is making upon them.

It then identifies distinct (though related) categories of SE:

Personal – interacting with Scripture during one’s private devotions.
Small Group – interacting with Scripture along with others.
Liturgical – the public recital of Scripture during acts of worship.
Rhetorical – public proclamation of the message of the Scriptures.
Didactic – instructional learning from Scripture in an educational context.

Finally, the Center suggests what SE enables us to do:

  • Discover God.  As we engage with the Holy Scriptures, God – Father, Son, and Spirit – mysteriously and graciously meets us, speaks to us, empowers us, and leads us into the next steps in our journey of faith.
  • Discover Our Mission with God.  The world urgently needs to hear the biblical story of God’s mission to rescue and reconcile the human race from its plight of insurgency, brokenness, and self-absorption.  By indwelling the biblical story and telling others about the story, we become an integral part of the very story we are invited to live and tell.
  • Discover Jesus Christ.  The Bible is the means through which Jesus exercises His Lordship over us.  The Scriptures testify to Jesus as the giver of eternal life (John 5:39; 6:68).  Engaging with these Scriptures is a vital feature of Christian discipleship.
  • Discover the Mission of the Church.  Scripture engagement transforms, inspires and enables the Church to express its life in vibrant ways and to accomplish its mission in the power of the Spirit.
  • Discover Values for Life.  Transformational Scripture engagement by the Christian community is the most effective driver in advocating the adoption of biblical values in public life.


We wish the new Center well and look forward to seeing how their research and other activities develop. Thanks to the ever-brilliant Scripture Engagement website for making us aware of this new initiative.

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