We are committed to creating, curating, and communicating good resources that will promote missional reflection on the Bible. The Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission does this in a variety of ways:

Missional Hermeneutics Bibliography

This is the official ‘live’ version of the bibliography found at the end of the 2016 volume, ‘Reading the Bible Missionally’. It was created by Mike Goheen and CSBM Director Tim Davy. CSBM will continue to keep it up-to-date so that it remains a comprehensive and significant resource for everyone studying and researching the missional reading of Scripture.

Blog and social media

CSBM is committed to disseminating our research and reflection, and to hearing from others as well. You will find a regularly updated blog and social media activities.

Public Lecture and Conference

CSBM will hold an Annual Lecture and day conference to capture the fast-developing conversation in missional hermeneutics, and point forward to where it might be headed. Previous Annual Lecture speakers have included Revd Dr Chris Wright, Prof. Gordon Wenham, Eddie Arthur, and Prof. Steve Walton.