Bible and Mission bookJust flagging up a very interesting looking new book that I will be reviewing in the next few weeks from publishers Neufeld Verlag:

Bible and Mission: A Conversation Between Biblical Studies and Missiology edited by Rollin G. Grams, I. Howard Marshall, Peter F. Penner and Robin Routledge (Schwarzenfeld: Neufeld Verlag, 2008)

Here are the publisher blurb and contents:

In the narrow orientations in theological education, we seldom find a meaningful conversation between the different departments. However, it is vital to bridge between the various areas of study and to listen to research work done in the other “camp”. This book is an attempt to contribute to the conversation between Missiology and Biblical Studies.

Articles in this book offer some perspectives on various aspects of witness, evangelism and mission as one finds them in the Bible. They are supplemented and enriched by others who bring mission perspectives to bear on the biblical text. The deep conviction that this book affirms is that biblical as well as missiological research will only benefit if its representatives continue a conversation between the two areas.

1. Mission and Covenant in the Old Testament – Robin Routledge

2. Some Geographical and Intertextual Dimensions of Matthew’s Mission Theology – Rollin G. Grams

3. The Use of the Book of Acts in Mission Theology and Praxis – Peter F. Penner

4. Paul’s Mission According to Romans – I. Howard Marshall

5. Reconciliation as a Missiological Category for Social Engagement: A Pauline Perspective from Romans 12:1-21 – Corneliu Constanteanu

6. The Personification of Righteousness within a Metaphoric and Narratorial Setting: A Perspective on the Content of Paul’s Proclamation of the Gospel – David Southall

7. The Status and Calling of Strangers and Exiles: Mission According to First Peter – Christoph Stenschke

8. Missions, the Judgment of God, and the Centrality of Scripture – A Response to David Macdonald Paton from 2 Peter – Scott Hafemann

9. How a Missiologist Utilizes the Bible – J. Andrew Kirk

10. The Bible, the Qur’an and Mission – David W. Shenk

The review will appear in the June edition of Encounters Mission Ezine, which will focus on the theme of ‘Bible and Mission’ and will be based on the Chris Wright lecture at Redcliffe College on 12 May.

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