This is the title of a Lent series put on in partnership between the Methodist Relief and Development Fund and the Evangelical Alliance.

The attainment and abuse of power has not, to my knowledge, always been a prominent theme in scholarship. Is this because those with power tend not to think about it, in the same way as those with money tend not to think that money is not an issue?

Three books among many that deal with the issue are Mary Evans commentary on 1 & 2 Samuel in the NIBC series; Dewi Hughes’ Power and Poverty: Divine and Human Rule in a World of Need; and my doctoral supervisor Gordon McConville’s God and Earthly Power: An Old Testament Political Theology, Genesis-Kings.

Here’s the blurb for the MRDF series:

Power – we have more of it than we think.

Poverty robs people of much more than food, clean water and access to education – it robs them of the power to control their lives.
The Bible has a lot to say about the uses and abuses of power. This study pack draws on examples from scripture and the contemporary world to explore the nature of power; and challenges us to think about the power we have and how we can use it.
The six-part course includes:
  • in-depth Bible studies
  • modern day examples of empowerment from MRDF’s work
  • engaging group discussions
  • ideas for individual and group action

For more details, as well as downloads and links, visit the MRDF website.

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