Recently we held a community reflection day focusing on the book of Psalms. A news item was posted about it on Redcliffe’s website today. Here’s what it says:

Community day in the Psalms

The Redcliffe community recently enjoyed a reflection day in which we immersed ourselves in the book of Psalms. The aim of this special day was to allow students and staff the opportunity to take some time out with God, both corporately and individually.

The day started all together with singing, prayer and a talk on ‘Living and Praying the Psalms in Community’, given by Tim Davy, lecturer in Biblical Studies and Director of a new Redcliffe initiative, the Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission. Tim’s main points were that the book of Psalms teaches us to pray, teaches us to pray our true selves, and teaches us to pray beyond ourselves. Therefore it is immensely important for the people of God as we participate in God’s mission in the world.

This was followed by seminars on different aspects of the Psalms, such as a guided meditation and a session on Psalms and the emotions. There was also time and space to be with God as well as the opportunity to get creative in a variety of ways including painting and poetry.

Commenting on the day, Tim says, “This kind of day is a valuable part of our students’ preparation for cross-cultural ministry. It is vital that they become practiced in immersing themselves in the Word of God, and engaging with God through that.”

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