The theme of the day here at Redcliffe has been justice. It wasn’t a planned thing but from 9-11 I was teaching on Isaiah and Micah in the first year Missional Introduction to the Old Testament class; from 11-12 our college devotions included Matthew Price, International Director of The Lawyers Christian Fellowship; from 2.30-3.30 I led a postgraduate seminar on ‘Bible and mission at the margins: missional reflections on the widow orphan and alien in Deuteronomy’.

There is some really exciting stuff going on at college in this whole area. In particular my colleagues Andy and Carol Kingston-Smith are heading up a new initiative called ‘JusTice – Justice and Advocacy in Mission’. Here’s a link for more information on the Redcliffe website. Also, here’s a their new media links

JusTice Facebook

JusTice Twitter

JusTice blog


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