Just a brief thought. The Bible is a very big book with lots to say about mission. It is easy to focus on the ‘obvious’  passages and play down or ignore other texts that seem to be either challenging or irrelevant to the mission of God.

The contention of those who employ a missional hermeneutic is that, by definition, any text of the Bible could be read from the perspective of God’s mission. This sounds good but we then have to acknowledge the elephants in the room. How do we read geneaolgies ‘missionally’? How do we read texts like the destruction of the Canaanites ‘missionally’? How do we read Song of Songs ‘missionally’.

I am not saying these things can’t be done. My point is to ask, ‘When will we get round to the more tricky texts?’

What would you say are the five texts of the Bible that present the most problems for a missional reading?

One thought on “Elephants in the Bible and Mission room

  1. Well I wouldn’t say genealogies are missionally difficult, especially matthew 1. In fact I’d say some of the most tricky Bible passages only really make sense with a missional reading, e.g. Gen 38. Some of the OT ones in Kings of Chrons would be harder. And it depends what you mean by missionally. Job and Ecclesiasties are very hard to see much development of God’s salvation plan through history, but they are highly relevant in terms of the questions that unbelievers ask. I’d probably go for Proverbs and Song of songs as my top ones as most difficult for a missional reading. I’d like to see / hear more about NT missional readings. But maybe thats you and Wrighty being OT scholars??!

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