Uncover projectWhen I was a student at Aston University in Birmingham we gave out Luke’s Gospels as part of a mission week. Christian Unions all over the UK were doing questionnaires, lunchtime evangelistic talks, big meetings, small groups Bible studies, and so on. That was back in 1994-5 and things have come full circle but in a digital media way.

Have a look at what UCCF have done to help people engage with the Gospel of Luke: Uncover website.

And here’s some info from UCCF’s own website about the project:

Uncover Gospel Project

Uncover is a national Christian Union campaign to give 50,000 students the opportunity to meet with Jesus in Luke’s gospel.

Would you pray for five friends, give them a gospel and invite them to read it with you? If every CU member did so, we’d reach 50,000 students. Want to take part in the biggest CU project in Great Britain? Order Uncover Seeker Bible Study guides, encourage your friends to ask their questions at uncover.org.uk and finally, if you’re a CU leader, order Uncover Gospels for your CU.

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