Wycliffe Bible Translators logoLast week Redcliffe College and Wycliffe Bible Translators announced that Wycliffe will be moving their training to Redcliffe. You can see the full press release on the websites of both organisations: Wycliffe / Redcliffe. Here is a snippet:

Eddie Arthur, the Executive Director of Wycliffe Bible Translators in the UK, says, ‘This is a wonderful opportunity for us and for people interested in worldwide mission. Redcliffe College already provides a fantastic portfolio of courses equipping people for mission and leadership roles. Drawing Wycliffe’s courses and experienced teaching staff into the mix can only serve to strengthen the quality of education and training offered at Redcliffe.’

Rob Hay, Principal of Redcliffe College, says, ‘This move will create fantastic opportunities for future students who are training to serve God around the world. There will be the chance to study cross-cultural mission, Biblical studies and linguistics all under one roof. There’s also potential for new courses in the future that formally combine the skills and expertise of the two organisations.’

Along with Bible Society, Wycliffe have been instrumental partners in the development and delivery of the MA in Bible and Mission here at Redcliffe and the wider initiative that is the Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission. For this and many other reasons the joining together of Redcliffe and Wycliffe’s training makes such a lot of joyful sense. Partnership works when it is driven by a shared commitment to the Kingdom; mutual trust and humility; an imagination for what could be; and a sense of what needs to happen to get there. The more I have worked with friends at Wycliffe the more humbled and inspired I am by the ministry and the people engaged in it. As I have learnt more about Bible Translation, Scripture Engagement, Orality, and the many other aspects of Wycliffe’s work I have found myself deeply challenged in my own engagement with the Bible and the complexities and joys of sharing it with others. I believe the experience has enriched my view of God, of his Word, of his Church and of his mission, and I hope this comes across in my teaching as well.

So it is with gratitude and excitement that I reflect on the past and consider the future. May God bless this strategic partnership for the service of his Kingdom. May we all learn from one another and may we be more equipped for our participation in God’s mission as a result.

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